Leadership for Iowa Award

The Leadership for Iowa Award is presented annually to an alumnus of the Leadership Iowa program who exemplifies outstanding leadership in the community and the state of Iowa. This award will be presented at the Leadership Iowa Graduation in June, during ABI’s Annual Taking Care of Business Conference.  

Leadership for Iowa Award nominees must:

·         Show a demonstrated commitment to serve Iowa

·         Have a responsible position of leadership in employment and/or volunteer organizations, resulting in the potential to contribute to leadership development within a local or a statewide setting

·         Have demonstrated a leadership role in local or statewide volunteer service to civic or professional organizations

·         Have demonstrated the ability to undertake a leadership role on difficult or controversial subjects

·         Be involved in projects designed to enhance the quality of life in Iowa

·         Ideally be present for the presentation of the award in June

Past recipients include:

John McCarroll
LI Director 1991
Cynthia Eisenhauer
LI 1985-86
Steve Bogle
LI 2004-05
Donna Walgren-King
LI 1990-91
Ron Geiger
LI 1987-88
Doug Reichardt
LI 1982-83
Mark Feldmann
LI 1990-91
Jodi Tymeson
LI 1999-00
Kirk Tyler
LI 1992-93
Martha Willits
LI 1985-86
Sharon Juon
LI 1987-88
Mary Lawyer
LI 200-01
Maggie Tinsman
LI 1987-88
Rand Fisher
LI 1984-85
Charles Sukup
LI 1989-90
David Oman
LI 1985-86
John Sorensen
LI 1995-96
David Vaudt
LI 1987-88
Walt Smith
LI 1982-83
Tom McMahon
LI 1997-98
Wes Ehrecke
LI 1990-91
Sarah Hasken
LI 2004-05

Nominations for this year's Leadership for Iowa Award are now open. Nominations are due by Friday, March 30. To nominate a candidate, click on the "Award Nomination Form" above.

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