About Leadership Iowa

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Leadership Iowa is a premier issues-awareness program promoting leadership within the state. We educate, challenge and inspire our participants to bring out their inherent quality to “point the way.” The ultimate goal is to instill passion in our current and emerging leaders while fostering a high level of civic engagement.

Since its inception in 1982, Leadership Iowa has graduated hundreds of men and women from both the private and public sector. This diverse group of alumni represents every geographical region of the state and virtually all walks of life.

A real “eye-opener,” Leadership Iowa gives its participants a full-spectrum vision of the state. A new perspective on its people, its needs and, most importantly, its opportunities.

Leadership Iowa provides participants with a wide range of experiences and insights that focus on the issues and challenges facing Iowa. Through this enhancement of awareness, the program equips leaders to better appreciate and understand the condition of the entire state. What's more, those selected for the program build a "network" with fellow participants that reaches across geographic, professional and economic lines. This network is personally enriching far beyond the program year.

 For more information on the history of Leadership Iowa, click here.

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